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YouTubing Your Way to Good Nutrition

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LGBT HealthLink, 1/23/2020

Event Set for Landmark PrEP Initiative

HIV.gov announced a webinar to help launch the new landmark initiative called Ready, Set, PrEP that aims to bring the HIV prevention treatment to 200,000 people over the next decade. The webinar will help explain the program, the online tools it offers, and how it can be integrated into new or existing efforts to provide PrEP at the community level. It will take place on January 29th at 2:00pm EST. Subscribe to our podcast for further coverage of this event in the coming weeks!

How to Develop a Trans Health Program

Researchers outlined the steps that a primary care practice can take in order to provide care to transgender patients, a population that currently faces a dire lack of access. The steps include conducting a community needs assessment, gaining commitment and assignment roles to leadership and staff, creating protocols, and fostering a generally welcoming environment.

Preventing Gender Violence in Middle School

A new study examined a novel program to address gender-based violence at the middle school level, to preempt this form of violence that disproportionately impacts female-identified and gender-nonconforming individuals. The program targeted male youth through school athletic programs and went beyond typical “bystander training” to challenge gender norms at the heart of the problem.

New Resources for Addressing HIV

The CDC released new resources for those working to end the HIV epidemic, including information on coinfections that impact people living with HIV such as Hepatitis C (affecting 21% of people living with HIV) and Tuberculosis. Other resources include strategies for addressing the epidemic through testing, treatment, and prevention and an overview of the nearly 38,000 new diagnoses of HIV in 2018.

Students Push for Binder Coverage

The Daily Pennsylvanian reported on an effort by the student assembly at the University of Pennsylvania to have the school’s insurance policy cover the cost of chest binders for transgender and nonbinary students who use them. Gender-affirming medical supplies like binders are typically not covered by health plans despite being a key part of care for many transgender men, in particular. The students were inspired by a similar change that recently occurred with Cornell’s student health plan.

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