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School Support Lags for Trans Youth of Color

School Support Lags for Trans Youth of Color Image

LGBT HealthLink, 4/15/2021

School Supports Lacking for Trans Youth of Color

Researchers found high levels of mental health issues and victimization among Black and Latinx transgender youth, surpassing those found among cisgender youth of color. They also found that Black and Latinx trans youth had lower levels of school connectedness than did their White trans peers, which is concerning given that this often serves as a protective factor for youth.

LGBT Youth Exposure to Suicidality

Relatedly, a new study found that LGBT youth were more likely than their non-LGBT peers to have known someone who attempted or died by suicide. Gender minority youth who were assigned female at birth had the highest rate of suicidality exposure, with about 2 in 3 reporting that they had personally known someone affected by this issue. The study’s authors say that the results suggest building resilience among LGBT youth should be a priority. If a youth you know needs support, check out Trevor Project

Continuing Health Services during COVID-19

The Fenway Institute published a brief on how to continue to support the health needs of LGBT folks during the COVID-19 pandemic. They discuss how telehealth (including through investments made with government pandemic funds) has made care accessible to many, but that it is still critical for in-person care to be offered for those who cannot get services virtually. They also note the need for expanded sexual health counseling as advising simply social isolation is unrealistic.

Marking Trans Day of Visibility

UNAIDS marked Transgender Day of Visibility with a video encouraging adults to support youth in exploring and expressing their gender. They discussed how discrimination against transgender and other gender minority individuals puts them at risk for things like discrimination and homelessness – and thus health conditions such as HIV. 

A Presidential First

Meanwhile, GLMA recognized the occasion in the US by noting several positives – such as the first-ever presidential proclamation to mark Transgender Day of Visibility – but also challenges faced by trans folks, including a recent spike in bills eliminating access to care or athletic opportunities for trans youth. 

Utah Center’s Kits Push Prevention

CenterLink highlighted the work being done at the Utah Pride Center to address suicide prevention, including through its resource distribution program that sends boxes of educational materials to businesses and organizations. One challenge has been getting information out during COVID-19, when much of the outreach has had to be virtual but when physical materials are still needed as spaces reopen. 

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