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LGBT Students Feel Like They Don’t Matter

LGBT Students Feel Like They Don’t Matter Image

LGBT HealthLink, 6/13/2018

LGBT Youth Not as Connected to Communities

A statewide survey of students in Vermont found that LGBT students were less likely to feel like they matter to their local communities than were other students, with less than four in ten LGBT young people feeling this way about their community. They also reported higher rates of mental health problems, bullying, unwanted sexual contact, and more, when compared to their peers.

Self-Tests for HIV Test Well

A review of research found high levels of accuracy when people used HIV rapid tests to test themselves, suggesting that it may be underutilized as a way of helping people conveniently and privately learn their HIV status. Researchers say that the quality of self-testing could be improved even more by making collecting samples easier and by simplifying instructions.

Wellbeing Impacted by Marriage Recognition

MAP released a report on the harms faced by children when individuals and institutions refuse to recognize the validity of the same-sex marriages of their parents, including not being able to join health insurance plans, facing denial and health and social services, and problems with child welfare agencies. They estimate that two million children have an LGBT parent today.

Facebook and Coming Out 

A study examined the use of Facebook by LGBT young people, including how social media interacted with managing the disclosure of their sexual orientation or gender identity to others. Among their findings was that closeted young people had “considerably lower overall network connectivity” than others, and that one’s outness to one’s family was particularly important.

More Centers Offering Phones for At Risk Youth

PowerOn announced an expansion of its program that provides phones and other devices to LGBT youth experiencing or at risk for homelessness, with new partnerships at three LGBT centers in different regions of the country. PowerOn says that LGBT youth – who are much more likely to end up on the street – use these devices to connect to healthcare, critical services, jobs, and more.

Marking Cancer Survivorship Month

The CDC released new resources in recognition of June as National Cancer Survivorship Month, including resources for caregivers, special information for those who use tobacco, and stories from survivors. LGBT cancer survivors and their caregivers often encounter unique challenges and may find these resources particularly beneficial to ensuring a successful treatment and recovery.

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