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LGBT Folks Hesitant on Vaccine

LGBT Folks Hesitant on Vaccine Image

LGBT HealthLink, 2/19/2021

LGBT Folks Concerned about Vaccine

Out Boulder County published what could be the first study in the U.S. on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among LGBT people. LGBT folks there were nearly twice as likely as non-LGBT folks to express reluctance to take the vaccine, with 17% expressing concern compared to 9% of their non-LGBT peers. Cisgender LGBT folks assigned female at birth were most likely to express reluctance. Find more LGBT centers and learn how they are tackling the pandemic here.

Building Trust in the Community

Meanwhile, the American Independent reported that advocates say the federal government must build trust with LGBT folks regarding the vaccine. This could include increasing data collection so LGBT people are seen and heard, ensuring nondiscrimination in those promoting and providing the vaccine, and conducting targeted outreach to the community.

LGBT Folks Face Elevated Risks

The CDC published findings that LGBT individuals have higher prevalence of several health conditions that are associated with negative COVID-19 outcomes, including among racial and ethnic minorities. These include asthma, cancer, heart disease, and smoking. Researchers say that more data on LGBT folks and COVID-19 could help us to better understand disparities.

Med Students Face Mistreatment, Burnout

Researchers found that LGB medical students faced higher levels of various forms of mistreatment than did their heterosexual peers (including with respect to gender and race or ethnicity), and also faced higher rates of burnout. Those facing mistreatment specifically based on their sexual orientation had eight times higher probability of burnout than did heterosexual peers.

We Heart Hearts

HRC launched a new My Heart, My Pride campaign to coincide with American Heart Month and raise awareness about heart health among LGBT communities. The American Heart Association, which has recently found LGBT people to experience worse cardiovascular health than the rest of the population, is working in coordination and promoting healthy behaviors.

Drinking Rates Rise

NBC News reported on research suggesting that LGBT folks have been consuming more alcohol than usual during the pandemic, and that their increases have surpassed those of the general population (which has also seen a rise). Experts point to a higher sense of isolation among LGBT individuals, which has increased as LGBT social spaces (and social spaces in general) have shuttered.

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