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Is Sharing Caring with PrEP?

Is Sharing Caring with PrEP?  Image

LGBT HealthLink, 10/20/2020

Is Sharing Caring with PrEP?

POZ reported that about 10% of sexual minority men who take PrEP for HIV prevention share their medication with others, according to a 2018 survey – a concerning statistic given the importance of taking PrEP regularly and under medical supervision. The study also found that men in their 30s were much more likely to use PrEP than those in their 40s and above.


Sending Food and Love to LGBT Seniors

WMFE reported that The LGBT+ Center of Orlando is expanding its services for LGBT older adults thanks to a grant it received. The Center has been conducting phone outreach to older adults during the pandemic (which includes free mental health services from professionals) as well as working with the Salvation Army to send them boxes of food. Find an LGBT center near you using CenterLink’s interactive directory.

Sex Beyond Stereotypes


A study found that among sexual minority Latino men in New York, pleasure rather than masculine stereotypes or power dynamics played a more important role in determining one’s sexual positions or whether one participated in penetrative sex at all. The results could have implications for sexual health interventions, which rarely consider pleasure when seeking to change behavior.

Conversion Therapy’s Impact on Aging

A study of older sexual minority men found that 15% had experienced so-called conversion therapy at some point in their lives. Those who had experienced conversion therapy had 2-to-2.5 times the likelihood of having at least one psychosocial condition, compared to other men. Researchers say that experiences of conversion therapy could thus complicate healthy aging.

California Tackles Health Inequities

California announced that it has signed into law a package of new legislation aimed at addressing inequities facing LGBT individuals. One bill will increase data collection regarding LGBT health, while a second will ensure that transgender people are appropriately housed in prisons, and a third will establish a Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund.

Talk Covers Health Center’s History

Northwestern University hosted a talk by Dr. Kenneth Mayer on the evolution of Fenway Health’s model for delivering care to the LGBT community in Boston. The talk focused on how Fenway balanced its role as a healthcare provider for the community while also engaging in academic research.

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