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Consenting to Gender-Affirming Care

Consenting to Gender-Affirming Care Image

LGBT HealthLink, 11/2/2020

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Complications Consenting to Gender-affirming Care

Researchers examined consent forms for youth to receive gender-affirming care and found that many had incomplete information to guide providers, youth,and guardians in the process. For example, only half of the forms noted the importance of shared decision-making between youth and guardians, and while all the forms discussed the risks of treatment, not all discussed the benefits.

PrEP Use Dropped in Australia

Australia’s ABC News reported that 42% of sexual minority men there who had been on PrEP prior to the COVID-19 pandemic had stopped taking it by April. Most men reporting doing so because they were having less sex, but researchers warn that as the pandemic (and related restrictions) evolve, there will be a need for many sexual minority men to consider returning to PrEP.

Bi Folks Miss Health Benefit of Education

Researchers found that heterosexual, gay, and lesbian adults all enjoyed better health if they had earned at least a bachelor’s degree compared to their peers who did not do so. However, the benefit was less pronounced for bisexual adults. The authors say discrimination facing bisexual individuals could help explain why they get less of a health boost from education.


HPV Vaccine Rates Increase

A study found that since 2011, there has been a six-fold increase in young sexual minority men reporting HPV vaccination; until that date, the vaccine was not recommended for males, despite sexual minority males being especially at risk. Now, about 33% of sexual minority aged 18-26 men not living with HIV, and 51% of sexual minority men aged 18-26 living with HIV, reported vaccination.

Texas Social Workers Can Discriminate

ABC News reported that Texas has voted to allow social workers to discriminate on the basis of gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability, which had previously been prohibited. Advocates for LGBT individuals and people with disabilities say the move will make it harder for these groups to obtain services and more likely to face discrimination from service providers.

Traveling While Trans

Travel & Leisure shared the stories of two transgender travelers, how their identities impact their travel experiences, and the steps that they take to avoid uncomfortable or even unsafe situations. For example, one traveler recommends services like TSA PreCheck to minimize steps with airport security. They also rattle off their bucket lists for travel destinations. (Frankly, pretty much anywhere sounds good right now to us!)

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