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All of Us Helping to Unmask COVID

All of Us Helping to Unmask COVID Image

LGBT HealthLink, 10/28/2020

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Research Program Helping to Understand COVID

All of Us Research Program shared the work it is doing on COVID-19 and its impact on different communities. All of Us is a national medical research program that individuals can join to make medical research more inclusive of diverse populations, including LGBT folks. Their work around COVID includes blood testing for antibodies; surveying how things like housing and food security have been affected; and evaluating health records to understand how COVID impacts different people.

Cardiovascular Health an Issue for LGBT Adults

The American Heart Association published a statement calling for more research on LGBT cardiovascular health. They say that LGBT adults face many stressors, such as discrimination and problems accessing care, that could cause or exacerbate problems for heart health – but little research has been done. They also call for medical education to be made more inclusive.

Intersectional Issues Face Queer Latinx Youth

Popsugar reported on the mental health challenges facing LGBT Latinx youth. Recent research has found high rates of attempted self-harm in this group, with researchers crediting this to the intersectional discrimination faced by LGBT Latinx youth, especially those who are trans or nonbinary. Fears surrounding immigration issues for themselves or someone close to them was a major factor in suicide attempt risk.

Exploring LGBTQ+ History Month

Romper explored the backstory and purpose behind LGBTQ+ History Month, which is recognized in October after a history teacher in Missouri decided that students needed to learn more about the LGBT community’s experiences. Learning about their own community’s history is also a protective factor for LGBT youth that reduces the toll stress and discrimination takes on their health.

Applying HIV Stigma Lessons to COVID-19

UNAIDS published a new report that applies what advocates and researchers have learned about reducing HIV-related stigma to the COVID-19 pandemic. The agency points to discrimination such as xenophobia that has played out during the pandemic, as well as the targeting of vulnerable populations – such as LGBT people – to explain the need for anti-stigma programming during this and future public health crises.

HIV among Queer Latinx Men

The CDC published new information about gay and bisexual Latinx men, including that they comprised 21% of new HIV cases in 2018 – a hugely disproportionate number given their size in the total population. Two in three of these cases were among queer Latinx men aged 13 to 34, indicating that the burden of HIV was particularly pronounced in Latinx youth and young adults.

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