Making All of Us Count: Data collection strategies in LGBTQ communities

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Recorded: 05/28/2019

This webinar will continue a conversation about the evolution and benefits of collecting Sexual and Gender Minority (SGM) health-related data. We will examine the different types of data collection strategies, as well as educate about current strategies at the national and local level to include and engage LGBTQ populations in research through the All of Us Research Program.


Regina Washington, DrPH, Development Officer, Director, LGBT HealthLink, CenterLink 


Carl Streed Jr, MD, MPH, FACP - Research Lead, Center for Transgender Medicine & Surgery at Boston Medical Center

Corey Prachniak-Rincon, JD, MPH, Science Writer, LGBT HealthLink

Ana Machado, Senior Manager of Strategic Program Development, CenterLink

Christopher Foster, M.A.A., Management Analyst, All of Us Research Program

Krystal Peak, Community Engagement & Marketing Specialist, Sacramento LGBT Community Center

Evan Killingsworth, Project Coordinator, LGBT Detroit