LGBT Smoking Infographic

LGBT Smoking Infographic image
LGBT Smoking Infographic

In honor of the 50th anniversary Surgeon General report release on Friday, January 17th, The Network rolled out some HUGE new LGBT smoking numbers, and an infographic to illustrate them (and make em look cooler)!

The infograph was picked up by way more media than we could have hoped for, and we are so excited that this information is getting out there! The BuzzFeed article alone has gotten a whopping 76,000 views. So that’s probably more media exposure on LGBT tobacco than we’ve gotten in our whole history to now.

Read more about how we pulled theses numbers together and where this inforgraph was shown (hint- almost everywhere!) by checking out our blog post.

You may grab a full-size PDF of this graphic here, or, if you prefer a professionally printed copy, simply request one from our LGBT Health Resource Center here.