About LGBT HealthLink

LGBT HealthLink, a program of CenterLink, is a community-driven national network of experts and professionals enhancing LGBT health by reducing health disparities within our communities.

We provide capacity building to prepare and link both LGBT community-based organizations and public health systems to work collaboratively to impact and reduce health disparities within LGBT communities.

We do this in order to create, assure, and enhance a culturally competent and connected public health system that improves the delivery and access to essential health services and eliminates health disparities within LGBT populations.

We increase the capacity and capabilities of public and private organizations at the national, state and local levels by providing best and promising practices, tailored technical assistance, facilitating community-clinical linkages, and providing resources, tools, and education needed to implement prevention and control programs to address social determinants of health faced by LGBT communities.

Our Mission

A grassroots Network: Igniting and channeling passion through facilitating effective collaboration, communication, mobilization and advocacy, and public policy to create more socially just and healthier communities for LGBTQ people.